What is Driveway Sealing?

Driveway Sealing

Driveway sealing is preventative maintenance for your driveway.  Similar to painting or staining your home to protect the wood, driveway sealing protects your asphalt driveway and prolongs its life.

Why should I have my driveway sealed?

  • Gives your driveway/parking lot that rich, ‘new asphalt’ like appearance.
  • Greatly extends the life of asphalt pavement, saving on future repair costs.
  • Protects pavement against weather damage, oxidation, cracking and potholes.
  • Protects from gas and oil that will dissolve pavement.
  • Makes cleaning and sweeping much easier.
  • Resists ultraviolet rays.
  • Prevents Oxidation.
  • Helps melt snow and ice faster.

How often should I have my driveway sealed?

Sealing Truck

Our Sealing Truck

Asphalt manufacturers and paving contractors recommend sealing every other year.  Some property owners require sealing their driveway every year.

Will this prevent me from replacing my worn out driveway?

No, driveway sealant is not a layer of asphalt.  It helps extend the life of a well maintained driveway.

Will my driveway look brand new?

No, driveway sealant is not a layer of asphalt.

What is the process?

  • The first step is cleaning the asphalt.  This includes sweeping off excess sand, dirt and debris;      and most importantly, pressure washing the driveway.
  • The second step is to apply a hot crack fill material to cracks larger than a ¼ inch to 2 inches wide.  For driveways in poor condition, we will limit the amount of cracks that we fill.
  • The third and final step is applying the commercial grade asphalt based pavement sealer which includes a sand additive to improve traction.

How long do I have to stay off the driveway?

The process of driveway sealing takes 2-3 days.  We request no traffic on the driveway for at least 24 hours after it has been sealed.

How is the price determined?
We determine your driveway sealing price based on the square footage, condition of driveway, amount of cracks and other factors.